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FeedStation walk-through

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L’port, closing gate

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The latest developments at Hanskamp and practical solutions

New! Attachment sleeve PipeFeeder

This rubber attachment sleeve is the complete solution between the auger and the PipeFeeder feed. Never again experience condensation in your PipeFeeder. The sleeve has been des...
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Oxytocin production thanks to in-parlour feeding

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Pneumatic or mechanical?

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practical products 

for dairy farming

As a dairy farmer, you do not just want a good (milk) production, but the best for your animals as well. After all, a cow or goat that feels well will give more milk and has a longer life. At Hanskamp, we are aware of this more than anyone else.

That is why we provide innovative, practice-based solutions that improve your animals' welfare, enhance your milk production and make things easier for you.

From smart feed dispensers and sublime milking parlour feeding to practical Closing Gates enabling your animals to feed in peace.

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