Over 50 Spiders throughout Europe


Over 50 Spiders throughout Europe

We already have over 50 Spiders operational throughout Europe. The Spider is Hanskamp's feeding computer for automatically dispensing concentrate to individual animals in the milking parlour or feeding station. Dairy farmer Ronny van Santen and his wife Dita run a farm with 150 dairy cows and 150 heifers in the small town of Osenhost D (near Bremen in Germany). Since the beginning of this year, his cows have been fed to satisfaction in Hanskamp feeding stations controlled by the Spider feeding computer.

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Oxytocin production thanks to in-parlour feeding

Oxytocin is a hormone responsible for triggering milk production. It is indispensable during milking. Oxytocin production is stimulated by teat preparation, but mainly through the provision of concentrate during milking. When a cow is unable to produce its own oxytocin, it can be injected.

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Pneumatic or mechanical?

Gates on concentrate feeders have become a permanent fixture in Dutch dairy sheds. Gates increase peace in the shed and improve the feed intake of each cow. Gates are still increasing in popularity. Livestock farmers choosing a suitable gate quickly face a number of questions: "Do I want a pneumatic or a mechanical gate?" "What are the advantages of a pneumatic gate?"

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From 24kg to 31.4kg in 6 months!

Myerscough College Agriculture and Farms farm manager James Oddie say that after 6 months of having a full AfiMilk conversion on the Colleges milking parlour along with Hanskamp walk through feeders the herd were now averaging 31.4kg per cow in milk on twice a day milking.


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Myerscough College dairy innovation a Dutch treat!

A Dutch innovation is working a treat in solving an age old problem on the new FFIT dairy unit at Myerscough College, Lancashire.

 Older milkers can no longer bully heifers away from troughs and deprive them of their allotted rations as walk-through FeedStations designed and manufactured by Hanskamp have been installed. These have a backing gate protecting the animal when eating from more dominant members of the herd.

James Oddie, College Director of Farming Innovations and Operations, says the walk through FeedStations means animals are not at risk of injury trying to back out once finished eating.

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The effects of in-parlour feeding

For years, the effects of in-parlour feeding have been a hot topic among dairy farmers, dairy equipment dealers, feed consultants, and scientists. There are usually proponents and opponents of using in-parlour feeding, based on various experiences. At the moment, an increasing number of cattle farmers are opting for in-parlour feeding.

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10,000 PipeFeeder concentrate dispensers in use

Six years ago, Henk Hanskamp stood in the milking pit, watching the cows with satisfaction as they entered the milking parlour effortlessly. The first pellets rattled through the CrisyDos (the precursor to the PipeFeeder) into the feed trough, and the cows ejected their milk without prestimulation. He saw the areas of improvement shortly after. 

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Dutch treat for dairy goat

A new in parlour feeding system has proved a profitable investment for Herman Pieper, a progressive goat milk producer reports Jos Borsten.

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Some words of...

In November Hanskamp launched the MultiFrame and the perforated manger. This unique feed trough has holes in the bottom and works like a colander. The shape of the manger matches the nose of the cow perfectly, so it ensures that the cow does not push out any pellets. Using the MultiFrame the perforated manger can be mounted in every (existing) milking shed. In this artikel Marco de Nood, farmer from Middelburg (The Netherlands) will tell his experience.

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PipeFeeders in the new 20 point Pearson parlour

PHILIP Hoynes, a steel fabricator by trade, is now building a better future by taking forward the family dairy farm in Co Kilkenny. 

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Less time and less noise in new parlour

Despite weak prices and a lack of the government support available in some other parts of the UK, such as Scotland, farmers in Northern Ireland continue to invest in the dairy sector. Former dairy farmer Rex Wilson started 2015 by investing in a new parlour to go back into milk production on the family farm at Coagh, Co Tyrone in Northern Ireland. A parlour with an innovative Dutch feeding system that keeps cows content thus reducing noise levels and speeding up milking. In recent years Rex had concentrated on contract rearing dairy heifers and running two intensive livestock enterprises. A broiler breeder unit for Moy Park and, on his out farm, a pig unit under contract to JMW Farms.

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Heslip Farms

MAJOR decisions were made on the Heslip family farm a year ago as to how their dairy enterprise was to be taken forward as quotas disappeared.

Gary Heslip, who farms with his younger brother Andrew and father Lawrence near Ballygawley, Co Tyrone explained.

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Getting liquid energy easily into cows

Drenching manually to get extra energy into early lactation cows at risk of Ketosis due to a negative energy balance is no longer needed on the Arfman family farm in the Netherlands. Instead Henk Arfman and son Andre, who run 160 cows and 90 followers at Vorden near the German border, installed the MultiDos system in June 2014.

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