Compact unit offering high convenience

Jan Henk Dogger using the Hanskamp SmartPanel on the feed mixer

Compact unit offering high convenience

Jan Henk Dogger from Beerzerveld no longer needs to carry heavy cans of feed stabilizer. He uses the SmartPanel with MultiDos to automatically dispense liquids in his feed mixer. "The biggest advantage of the SmartPanel with MultiDos on the feed mixer is its convenience," he explains contentedly.

Together with his wife and son, Jan Henk Dogger has run a dairy farm since 1998, which now consists of 140 dairy cows. Dogger is the first person to use the system in the Netherlands and is very happy with it. He explains his enthusiasm.

Convenient and precise
"The biggest advantage of the SmartPanel with MultiDos on the feed mixer is its convenience," says Dogger. "The SmartPanel is a compact control panel which I can easily operate from my cabin using an adjustment knob (0-20 L) and a start button. The SmartPanel controls the MultiDos, which automatically dispenses the liquid stabilizer from a reservoir onto the feed in the mixer. All I have to do is make sure there is enough stabilizer in the reservoir," he adds with a grin.

Dogger used to add the liquid to the feed mixture manually with a watering can. It was a labour-intensive and time-consuming process. "I would walk along the feed alley, pouring it out. The new system really makes my work easier."

Manually adding stabilizer is not only labour-intensive, it is highly inaccurate. "I would sometimes run out of stabilizer before I had reached the end of the alley.  The cows at the front of the barn were getting too much, while the cows at the back got nothing." The SmartPanel distributes Dogger's silage enhancer uniformly through the feed mixture.

Improved technical results
Liquid additives, such as silage enhancers, stabilizers, or health additives, are prescribed to optimize the technical business performance. Now more than ever, farmers want to maximize their return. Administering the correct amount per animal or kilogram of feed is key to achieving that. The SmartPanel gradually dispenses liquid into the feed mixer. As a result, the dispensed liquid is also mixed through the feed gradually. The amount per kilogram is spot on, which manifests itself in the operating results.

Dogger can confirm this: "If I don't use the silage enhancer for a week, I notice a decline in milk levels." Accurately measured liquid additives visibly improve the technical results.

Dogger is very pleased with his SmartPanel connected to the MultiDos on the feed mixer. It is highly convenient and makes his work easier. His liquid silage enhancer is dispensed accurately and gradually, improving his technical results. "It is amazing just how convenient such a small unit can be," concludes Dogger.

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