From 24kg to 31.4kg in 6 months!

With greatly contribution of FeedStation walk-through

From 24kg to 31.4kg in 6 months!

Myerscough College Agriculture and Farms farm manager James Oddie say that after 6 months of having a full AfiMilk conversion on the Colleges milking parlour along with Hanskamp walk through feeders the herd were now averaging 31.4kg per cow in milk on twice a day milking.


To put this into context the herd was averaging 24kg at the time of install July 2017. In James opinion he can credit that the AfiMilk milk meters, AfiLab, AfiSort and Weigh, AfiAct2 and AfiFarm 5.2 software installed and targeted feeding through the high cow welfare and accurate Hanskamp walk through feeders has greatly contributed to this increase in yield along with the ongoing product support both from AfiMilk and Shepherd Dairy Services.


The FeedStation walk-through is equipped with our ingenious PipeFeeder concentrates dispenser. The stock of concentrates is located in the robust stainless steel pipe of the dosing unit along with an ingenious dosing system that can accurately release quantities as low as 35 grams. This means your cows get exactly the amount of concentrate they need. The FeedStation walk-through ensures that cows can eat their portion of concentrates in peace. Peace in the shed is important in order to fully support your cows. 

Of note to all dairy farmers is that all of the AfiMilk equipment installed last year at Myerscough qualifies for upto 40% grant funding on the Leader and Countryside Productivity Grant Schemes. 

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