Oxytocin production thanks to in-parlour feeding


Oxytocin production thanks to in-parlour feeding

Oxytocin is a hormone responsible for triggering milk production. It is indispensable during milking. Oxytocin production is stimulated by teat preparation, but mainly through the provision of concentrate during milking. When a cow is unable to produce its own oxytocin, it can be injected.

Swiss dairy equipment dealer Martin Reichmuth corroborates this. "A dairy farmer had to treat 35 of his 50 dairy cows with oxytocin in order to milk them. He wanted to stop the oxytocin injections. It is a labour-intensive process, costs money, and is bad for the cows' well-being and fertility."

"After installing PipeFeeders in his 2x3 tandem milking parlour, this dairy farmer now only has to inject 5 cows with oxytocin," says Reichmuth. The cows are given concentrate throughout the entire milking session, keeping oxytocin levels high and allowing the udders to be quickly and properly emptied. The cows also enter the milking parlour much faster now they are being fed there. "In this case, it has led to a 15-minute reduction per milking session!"

Read more about PipeFeeders here. 

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