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In November Hanskamp launched the MultiFrame and the perforated manger. This unique feed trough has holes in the bottom and works like a colander. The shape of the manger matches the nose of the cow perfectly, so it ensures that the cow does not push out any pellets. Using the MultiFrame the perforated manger can be mounted in every (existing) milking shed. In this artikel Marco de Nood, farmer from Middelburg (The Netherlands) will tell his experience.

"Last year due to the growth of my dairy stock from 55 to 75, my milking time increased up to 2 hours per session. My dealer, Leen de With, advised me to change to milking shed feeding using Hanskamp's perforated feed tray and MultiFrame. I was initially wary of dispensing feed concentrate in the milking shed. But I now see that the foremost cows are rewarded, and so now the cows come much more quickly into the milking shed. I now no longer have to leave the pit to get the cows, and my milking time has been reduced by 30 minutes. I am also finished sooner with cleaning the milking shed, as the perforated feed tray ensures that the water drains away after spraying. I chose the Hanskamp perforated feed tray and MultiFrame due to their simplicity and robustness. The time they help me save and their solid construction are very important to me."

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