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Hanskamp | Mission

At 12 years old, Henk Hanskamp already knew that he wasn't born to take over his parents' dairy farm. Technology and automation were his true passion. He developed a love of livestock farming at an early age, and his commitment to dairy farming remained. With his company, established in 2001, he uses technology and automation to further help the dairy farming sector. Technical progress for profitable and future-proof dairy farming is Hanskamp's foundation.

We know farming like the back of our hands

Fast forward to 2019, where our team of 25 motivated people is still working hard every day to accomplish the mission: "fostering a profitable and future-proof dairy farming sector.". Livestock farmers are vital to the local food supply; they are a major driving force behind the European economy and they are culturally indispensable in the European landscape. It is important that we ensure that livestock farmers can continue to earn a good living. That is why Hanskamp strives to develop technical tools for greater ease of work for livestock farmers. We also believe that a healthy and stress-free cow can perform the best. That is why we develop products for animal health and welfare, resulting in a well-performing and more sustainable herd. The focus on greater ease of work and increased animal health and welfare translates to better returns for the farmer.

We want to contribute to a future-proof and profitable livestock sector. That is why we develop unique solutions to help the dairy farming sector further. Our vision is that you have to work with the farmer and think about things from the cow's perspective to develop a truly practical solution. Most of our employees come from the sector and speak the "language".

We are well-acquainted with the farming world

In order to develop unique solutions, we follow our own route according to our own plan. If you want grass to grow, you don't pull on it, you nurture it from the ground up. You fertilise it, keep the soil in good condition and make sure it is watered every day. The same applies to innovative ideas. Our organisation is transparent and our employees are given a lot of freedom and responsibility to allow everyone's talents to develop to their full potential. This is how we develop new innovations together. Our products are the fruits of the innovative tree that is Hanskamp.

Hanskamp's focus is on our core activities: development and sales. We do not sell our products directly to livestock farmers, but through reputable dairy equipment dealers.

Core values
We are a no-nonsense organisation with a down-to-earth approach. To achieve our mission, we work according to the following three core values:

Unique solutions
We offer solution-oriented products with added value which are distinctive and unique in the market.

The customer is our core focus, and we work with you to find the best solution for your problem.

Plug and play
​Hanskamp is here for everyone, which is why our products are simple, universal and easy to install.


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