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Drought challenges us to feed more efficiently

Are you facing reduced yield due to the drought? Are you running low on food stock for the winter? In these times of feed scarcity, it is even more important to issue concentrate feed more efficiently. With Hanskamp's solutions, you can feed concentrate more accurately and with less waste. More information about the PipeFeeder, the Black-V powder feeder and the MultiDos liquid feeder. 


Improved MultiFrame with simpler installation

Installing the MultiFrame for the milking parlour just got easier. The mounting points do have a more easy position.The two mounting points are at the same height, so the MultiFrame can also be installed on a rail on the wall. The use of a rail means an end to unnecessary holes in the wall, as the MultiFrame can be adjusted horizontally without limitation. Read more about the MultiFrame here.

The MultiFrame combined with the PipeFeeder is the perfect in-parlour feeding system. Did you know that the PipeFeeder also works perfectly as a dispenser for your milking robot or concentrate feeding station?

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PipeFeeder easer to install

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The new PipeFeeder is even easier to install. A hard plastic plate has been fitted to the pipe ten centimetres under the end of the PipeFeeder. This plate forces the PipeFeeder to rest on the bottom clamp so it can no longer slide too far down into the feed trough. This makes the PipeFeeder is easier to install and improves ventilation, preventing clogging. More advice? Please take a look overhere. 

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Roeland is new sales support member

Roeland Kleine (25) is Hanskamp's new sales support officer. Roeland started working in our back office last February. He will complete his studies in International Agribusiness & Trade at the Van Hall Larenstein in Velp in July of this year. "I developed a fresh take on agricultural entrepreneurship during my studies. I am looking forward to contributing to the dairy farming industry in practice." Roeland already knows a lot about Hanskamp products. He has worked in Hanskamp's assembly department since 2015. "I love that I have been able to help so many customers by assembling their products over the years. Now, I can also help them with advice on certain products."

Roeland is a cheerful young man from the village of Almen, in the Achterhoek. He grew up on his parents' beef farm. The farm currently consists of 15 suckler cows, and they sell meat door-to-door. Roeland also helps out a lot with the business at home alongside his studies and his job at Hanskamp. "I spend a lot of time outside in summer; I often cycle to the cows which are roaming the nature reserve. There's plenty of food for them, but I always bring some cattle cake with me. It is important that the calves are hand-tame by the time they are put to stable in the winter.

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New! Attachment sleeve PipeFeeder

This rubber attachment sleeve is the complete solution between the auger and the PipeFeeder feed. Never again experience condensation in your PipeFeeder. The sleeve has been designed so that it can be cut to the desired diameter (Ø 70, 80, 90, 100, 110 or 125 mm). The rubber attachment sleeve comes free of charge with all PipeFeeder orders. We also take separate orders. By intrest please contact your local milk equipment dealer of find your hanskamp dealers here.

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New! Hanskamp Webshop

If you get back from a call-out after 17:00 but need to order a replacement part the same day, try Hanskamp's new Webshop and find the right part per category!

The webshop is only available to Hanskamp dealers. You can pay online or request an invoice. Please notice that you first have to register, before you can order. You will automatically receive an e-mail with login details if the administrator has given you access to the secure part of the website.

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New! CowToilet

Hanskamp is developing a revolutionary system that will solve the ammonia problem in the dairy industry; the CowToilet. This innovative system is designed to collect a cow's urine. 

Read more about it, here

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Introduction new sales member

We would like to introduce our new Field Sales colleague, Lars van Gaalen. Lars will be visiting our dealers in the UK and in Northern Germany. He is experienced in selling agricultural equipment. "I get a kick out of working with the customer to find the best solution together. I will be in the UK in late January/early February, so be sure to contact me if you would like a visit." Robin Franken will remain your in-house contact. Please contact Robin for quotes, placing orders and for any technical questions.

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Brochure 2019

The new brochure of 2019 is ready. If you would like to reseive a hardcopy, please contact us and we will be happy to send it to you free of charge. 

Download the brochure here

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New launched on the EuroTier fair: Spider!

The Spider is Hanskamp’s feeding system for automated concentrate feeding of individual animals either in the milking parlour of in a feed station. More information read here.

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