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Use FBIS for Hanskamp Feedsystems!

While everybody is busy finishing up for 2017 the new year offers some great opportunities. One of these opportunities is Tier 1 of the Farm Business Improvement Scheme (FBIS) of the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA). From January the 2nd until February the 4th farmers in Northern Ireland can apply for a grant covering up to 40% of an investment in specific items improving the sustainability of their farm. We would like to share with you the benefits of this grant when buying Hanskamp in- and out of parlour feeders!

On their website the DAERA published a list of eligible items for Tier 1. On the list of eligible items are in- and out-of-parlour feeders. This means that a dairy farmer, when all conditions are met, will be able to buy a complete Hanskamp FeedStation for less than £1000,-! Or in-parlour PipeFeeders for under £300,-! 

There are some conditions which need to be met. The total eligible investment needs to be between £5000-30.000, max funding is £12.000, and max percentage of funding is 40%. For more information on the capital scheme and how to apply visit the website of the DAERA.



Improved PipeFeeder for unpressed raw materials!

Non-homogeneous mixtures often contain grit and flour, which complicates dispensing. The improved PipeFeeder has a unique new dispensing system that prevents blockages, assuring that cows always receive the right amount of concentrate.

The improved PipeFeeder still has all the benefits of the PipeFeeder you know and trust: accurate dispensing, anti-spill, low noise, and it can be connected to any system. The PipeFeeder is suitable for feeding in the milking parlour, the feed station, or the milking robot. This PipeFeeder will be available for delivery per January 2018. 

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New! Configurator

Do you have ideas for a new project but want to figure out your options on your own first? Or do you already know what you need and just want to order it quickly and easily? Meet the Hanskamp Configurator!

The Hanskamp Configurator is the online design studio for your Hanskamp solution. The Configurator offers assistance at every stage of your project, from orientation to requesting quotations and placing orders. The Configurator offers easy insight into the different designs, including pricing and 3D views. Visit to design a PipeFeeder, MultiFrame, MultiDos, FeedStation or L’port to your exact specifications!

Create an account to save your ideas, request quotations, and place your orders. The 10th, 25th and 50th account registration will win a fantastic Hanskamp package!

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Ventilation for prevention of blockages

Moisture and pellets. Everyone knows that moisture and pellets are a bad combination. In damp environments such as milking parlours, concentrates easily lump together, resulting in blockages in the feed dispenser. Good ventilation prevents blockages; read our extra installation tips and learn about our latest development below.

New PipeFeeder baseplate
Constant ventilation is important for the prevention of blockages, which is why the PipeFeeder's baseplate has been improved with ventilation holes. The smart positioning of the holes prevents pellets from falling through.  The holes ensure that the dispensing nozzle stays dry at all times. Cows breathe warm air into the nozzle, which can condense and mix with the pellets, caking up inside the nozzle and causing blockages. With the new ventilation holes, the warm air is unable to condense and cause problems!

PipeFeeder installation tips

  1. Correctly configure your PipeFeeder's anti-spill functionality. The PipeFeeder is a closed system; when it is properly configured, no moisture can enter the storage. If you are experiencing moisture problems, the dispensing valve may not be set to fully closed (anti-spill) in the idle position. If the dispensing valve is open, you must remove the motor and rotate the axle to line up the triangular notch in the steel with the arrow on the motor's drive shaft (this can be done with a full storage tube). Tip! Hold the front-facing camera on your smart phone under the dispensing nozzle to see if the dispensing valve is closed properly.

  2. Install the PipeFeeder with the long edge facing the cow. If the PipeFeeder is installed the wrong way around, problems can arise from cows breathing directly into the dispensing nozzle. Always install the PipeFeeder with the long edge of the pipe facing the cow, which minimises the amount of warm breath entering the nozzle. This also allows cool air to flow behind the nozzle, which helps it dry.
  3. Use a gasketed PVC coupling between the auger and the top of the PipeFeeder. Look at where the auger connects to the PipeFeeder. Fit a gasketed PVC coupling between the auger and the top of the PipeFeeder to prevent moisture from seeping in.
  4. Do not install the PipeFeeder too deep in the feed trough; the bottom of the pipe should be 1 cm above the top of the trough. Installing the PipeFeeder too deep in the feed trough restricts air flow around the dispensing nozzle. This applies to milking parlours as well as feed stations or milking robots. Ensure a minimum of 26 cm between the PipeFeeder dispensing nozzle and the bottom of the feed trough. Tip! Slide a wooden plank between the side partitions in the feed station or milking parlour and lay it flat on top of the feed trough or troughs ). When you install your PipeFeeders, they will all be perfectly aligned at the correct height.

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Reduce heat stress with MultiDos

Heat stress can be a problem for (highly productive) dairy cows at temperatures higher than 23 degrees. Cows are unable to reduce their body heat, resulting in reduced feed intake, declining milk production, and reduced resistance. Supplementary feeding with liquid supplements or health additives is a good option to optimally support your dairy cows. This is especially important when the heat coincides with starting a fresh cow. 

The MultiDos allows you to easily and automatically administer liquid supplements. Your cows are recognised by the feed station or milking robot and issued the exact amount they need. You can also gradually increase or decrease portions, which benefits the cow. MultiDos keeps your livestock in optimal condition.

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Improved: SolidState5 motor

The long life SolidState5 motor (fitting on Nedap electronica) is improved. 

The varnished circuit board is potted in the case with hot melt. Due to the smaller capacitor, the hot melt can fill every gap. This allows the circuit board to be completely covered with hot melt. The sensor on the other side of the circuit board is also potted. The result: A fully potted circuit board protected from moisture and ammonia! 

Please look the video of the making off, click here

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Hanskamp closed due to Kingsday

Due to National Holiday Kingsdag, we are closed on the 27th of April. Friday 28th of April we are at your service again

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Introduction new member sales support

It is a pleasant to introduce our new colleague Joeri Kers (23 years old). Since February he is a new member of the sales team of Hanskamp. “Together with Robin, I am responsible for the sales support. We are there for the milk equipment dealers and farmers, which have questions, quotations or orders.”

Joeri didn’t grew up on a farm, but he is not a stranger in this agricultural world. “In my family we had 3 dairy farmers. The farm of one of my uncles was my second home. All my spare time I was on that farm. If there was a technical problem, we always try to find the solution our self. I did like that and I learned a lot from that.”

During his agricultural college Joeri did an internship in New Zealand on a dairy farm with 1600 dairy cattle (separated on two locations). “As a herd manger I was responsible for the technical management of one of the locations and the wellbeing of the cows on that farm. In New Zealand all the calves are born in the spring, that was really hectic sometimes.” After Joeri graduated I did more practical experience on several dairy farms in the Netherlands. In his spare time, you still can find him between the cows. With a big smile he adds: “Or I am tinkering stuff in the shed or trimming the trees, I like that kind of work”

With his practical knowledge and passion for dairy farming Joeri would like to help the customers of Hanskamp. “I really like to thinking along with a problem, till we find together a good fitting solution. Now I have introduced myself, I hope to talk to you soon on the phone or email.”

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Hanskamp out of office duo to Easter

Duo to Easter, Hanskamp is out of office Friday 14th of April and the 17th of April. On Tuesday the 18th of April we are at your service again.

We wish you a happy Easter!

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Catalogue and brochure 2017

The new catalogue and brochure of 2017 are ready.

To be of even more service to you, we have decided to use two separate documents this year. Filled with striking images, the 2017 brochure is a source of inspiration. The technical catalogue provides answers to technical questions and contains dimensional drawings, prices, and components. 

In addition to our familiar range of products, we proudly present a number of new products in the new brochure. One new addition to our line-up is the PowerSpray. The prices will be valid from 01-01-2017 to 31-12-2017. The catalogue has already been sent by mail. If you have not received one from us, please contact us and we will be happy to send it to you free of charge. 

Download the productbrochure of Hanskamp
Download the technical catalogue of Hanskamp

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