PowerDos Powder
PowerDos Powder
PowerDos Powder
PowerDos Powder
PowerDos Powder
PowerDos Powder
PowerDos Powder
PowerDos Powder

PowerDos Powder

  • Doses any desired amount of powder or pellets and can be linked to any feeding facility
  • The smart dosing element prevents lumps forming and blockages
  • Can be configured as separate feed type in the feed concentrate computer for individual dosing

PowerDos Powder

Sustainable, sound custom work for administering additives in powder form

PowerDos Powder: automated dosing of powders and pellets
You would like to feed your animals minerals and additives accurately dosed, but you do not want to spend much time on this. The solution: PowerDos Powder by Hanskamp. This solid and compact system doses every desired quantity of powders or pellet without them getting lumpy or clogged up. Smart, very user-friendly, almost maintenance-free and absolutely free of malfunctions.

How does PowerDos Powder work?
Using PowerDos, you can perfectly dose yeasts, amino acids, minerals, vitamins, linseed or additives. The system consists of a transparent storage container, a dosing mechanism made of durable stainless steel and a pressurised air cylinder. The dosing element contains a ring which regularly shakes up the powder and a plastic dosing cone which ensures perfect shut-off after each portion. PowerDos Powder can be connected to any feeding station and milking robot.

  • Hanskamp innovations
  • Well acquainted with the practice
  • Unique
  • Innovative and practical
  • Customisation
  • Well thought-out, sturdy, durable
  • Contributes to sustainable livestock farming
  • Maximum cow comfort
  • Precise dosing of feed concentrate and additives
  • Universal systems
  • Proven quality

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