Hanskamp L'port
L’port, closing gate
L’port, closing gate
L’port, closing gate
L’port, closing gate
L’port, closing gate
L’port, closing gate
L’port, closing gate
L’port, closing gate
L’port, closing gate
L’port, closing gate
L’port, closing gate
L’port, closing gate

L’port, closing gate

  • Closing gate fits every brand and type of feeding station, it is sound and has a simple design
  • Optimal cow comfort, cows are no longer forced out of the concentrate feeding box
  • Peace in the herd

L’port, closing gate

The innovative L'port closing gate for protection of cow in the feedstation.

Around the out of parlour feeding station it can often get very crowded with lower rank cows being pushed away by more dominant individuals. Moreover the pushing and shoving sometimes results in nasty injuries. With the L'port closing gate this misery is avoided and cow comfort is increased.

Eating quietly without intrusive cows
A common problem: Cows coming to get their portion of concentrate feed are pushed and fighted away from the feeding station. Lower rank cows are pushed away so that concentrates do not reach those cows that need them the most. There is also the danger that this bullying can result in injuries to legs and udders.

Hanskamp has come up with an innovative solution: the L'port closing gate. The L'port closing gate is a pneumatically powered barrier that closes off the entrance to the feeding station safely so cows are no longer pushed away from their concentrates. This increases the calm and cow comfort in your stall.

The L'port closing gate ensures that every single cow can eat her portion of concentrated feed in peace, and you know that the feed goes to the right cow. The L'port closing gate is very simple to install with any type of out of parlour feeding station, including those with shorter side bars. The Hanskamp L'port closing gate is also available in a version with an XL extension.

How the L'port closing gate works
The L-shape construction of the L'port closing gate is moved up and down by a cylinder using air pressure. Once a cow starts to eat her portion of concentrates the closing gate moves silently down upon receiving a signal from the feed motors and safely closes the entrance to the feed station. Once the feed is finished the closing gate moves up again. You can set the reaction speed of the closing gate yourself in increments of 10 seconds.

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Safety is paramount
The L'port closing gate is designed to not disturb cow traffic and to increase the cow comfort. The gate is perfectly adjusted to suit the feeding station, so no unnecessary metalwork is sticking out above the walkway used by the cows.  As the gate is operated by air pressure it impossible for a cow to get injured when her head is underneath. In the event of power failure the L'port closing gate automatically goes up and opens the feeding station. It is therefore impossible for a cow to get trapped at the out of parlour feeding station, especially as the closing gate can also be operated manually.

Is our L'port too high for you stall? We can offer you a T'port, please contact us for more details. 

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Design your own L'port closing gate at www.hanskamp.nl/configurator!

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