MultiDos HighSpeed
MultiDos HighSpeed

MultiDos HighSpeed

  • Universal fit on any system
  • Also suitable for goat and sheep farming
  • Very fast and accurate dosing

MultiDos HighSpeed

A liquid dispenser for in the carousel

The MultiDos HighSpeed has been specifically developed to automatically administer liquid additives in the carousel! It is suitable for dispensing nearly all types of liquid. The MultiDos HighSpeed is mounted at a fixed place in the carousel and can dispense up to 1.5 litres of liquid per minute. The MultiDos dispenses the liquid directly onto the pellets in the feed trough to ensure that the cows or goats consume it all.

Supplementary feeding with liquid supplements is a good option to optimally support your cows. This is especially important when starting fresh cows. They always receive exactly the required amount. You can also gradually build-up or reduce rations, which benefits the cow. MultiDos keeps your livestock in optimal condition. A healthy herd translates to lower veterinary costs and a higher milk yield.

The MultiDos HighSpeed is connected directly to the feeding computer as an extra feed type. The computer can adjust the amount of liquid for each individual animal. 

  • Hanskamp innovations
  • Unique
  • Innovative and practical
  • Customisation
  • Universal systems
  • Proven quality
  • Well acquainted with the practice
  • Maximum cow comfort
  • Well thought-out, sturdy, durable
  • Precise dosing of feed concentrate and additives
  • Contributes to sustainable livestock farming

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