• Peace in the (milking) parlour, bumping is not rewarded thanks to the silent, anti-spill technology
  • Fits every brand and type of feeding station
  • Can be linked to cow recognition and used as a stand-alone system.


Durable, precise concentrate dosator in the milking shed or in the concentrate feeding box

Less concentrate and a calmer atmosphere in the milking parlour
One of the innovations at the EuroTier 2012 trade fair in Hannover is the PipeFeeder by Hanskamp. This concentrate dosing system with its revolutionary design guarantees more calm in the stable, greater cow comfort, quicker milking sessions and lower concentrate consumption. The PipeFeeder fits in perfectly with the dairy farmers' target of lower concentrate costs.

PipeFeeder product information

Why the PipeFeeder?

Better milking
Cows that are fed during milking are happy to come into the milking shed and let down their milk better. The PipeFeeder makes a genuine success of concentrate supply to the milking shed. The PipeFeeder provides small portions of feed concentrate with great accuracy throughout the entire milking period. The benefit to you? Quieter, quicker milking with considerably less concentrate fed.

For effortless dispensing of unpressed raw materials!
Non-homogeneous mixtures often contain grit and flour, which complicates dispensing. The improved PipeFeeder has a unique new dispensing system that prevents blockages, assuring that cows always receive the right amount of concentrate. 

Practically designed
The PipeFeeder excels in durability, simplicity and precision. The concentrate dosing unit was designed by technicians from the farming sector. They are experts who know that dairy farmers want to save on feed costs by dispensing precisely the right amount.

Feeding the cow during milking ensures peak concentrations of the hormone oxytocin which boosts milk let down. The PipeFeeder capitalises perfectly on this phenomenon.

The dosing unit continuously supplies small amounts of concentrate. The cow keeps on eating and large amounts of oxytocin are produced. As the cows finish more quickly, you cut the milking time and thereby increase the capacity of your milking installation.

Please read here more about the effects of in-parlour feeding. 

Modern technology
The stock of feed is located in the robust stainless steel pipe of the dosing unit along with an ingenious dosing system that can accurately release quantities as low as 35 or 80 grams, depending on the chosen system. This means your cows get exactly the amount of concentrate they need to let down their milk. More and more dairy farmers are recognising the urgent need to respond to rising concentrate costs, and precise feeding in the milking stall meets this need.

Peace and quiet in the stall at all times
The great advantage of the PipeFeeder over other dosing units is that it does its job in silence. Because the motor is built-in and the concentrate falls into the feeder from a very low height, the PipeFeeder is virtually noise-free.

The dosing unit can be fitted in any type of milking stall and suits any type of feeding and management system. The PipeFeeder can also be fitted in a feeding station in a dairy unit with cow cubicles. Using several PipeFeeders next to one another you can even supply several types of pellets into the feed box. 

Read here about the experience of Philip Hoynes with the PipeFeeder. 

Please see below the video with the experience of Linda Seegers with the PipeFeeder. https://youtu.be/6u4oLKaaRxA

Design your PipeFeeder easily at www.hanskamp.nl/configurator!

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