Printplaat reparatie
Printplaat reparatie

Printed-Circuit Board repair

  • Our technicians have a great deal of experience with different (old) makes and models
  • No unexpected costs. Free delivery in Europe
  • After repair your circuit board is as good as new and works 100%

Printed-Circuit Board repair

Printed-Circuit Board repair: Quick and affordable alternative for replacing a broken agricultural related printed circuit board.

Replace? Repair!
When the PCB of system breaks down your immediate response is to replace it. Replacement, however, is costly and often unnecessary. Particularly when the machine is already getting old. Moreover, it needs to be seen whether the PCB can still be supplied. Hanskamp offers a smart and inexpensive alternative for a new PCB: PCB repair.

Which product can we repair

  • Feeding station
  • Feeding computer
  • Milk meter
  • Automatic cluster remover
  • Pulsator 
  • Cleaning
  • Cooling

How does it work?
Our technicians are experienced with all brands of the above systems. We are at home with electronic diagrams, know how PCBs must be connected and know all about input and output data. Additionally, we are familiar with the machines and the situations in which they operate. PCBs of feeding boxes, milk meters, collection equipment and even milking robots indeed have no secrets for us. Not even the very latest PCBs of the latest models. After repair, your PCB will be as good as new and will be functioning for the full 100%. Our expertise gives us a lead in our repair service, which is translated into remarkably low repair costs.

No unexpected costs
We repair PCBs of all brands every day, even older and corroded PCBs. So the chance that your PCB cannot be repaired is slim. Has your PCB been damaged to such a degree that repairing it would be too costly? In that case we will let you know quickly, so that you will always know exactly the situation and can prevent unexpected, high costs. Within Europe the shipment of repaired printed circuit boards back to you is free.

Would you like to know more about PCB repair by Hanskamp?
Would you like more information on PCB repair by Hanskamp or do you wish to make an appointment for a repair? Please feel free to contact us.

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