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Developing in practice
Innovation runs in the blood of Hanskamp's employees. We know farming like the back of our hands and look for specific solutions to problems that cattle farmers run into. We focus particularly on milk production, cattle feeding technology and housing.

Sustainability and ease of use
Our developments go hand in hand with practical experience: we test our technical solutions on farms, and then develop them further. Our engineers have an eye for sustainability, ease of use, cost price strategy and a long life. That we do this well is apparent from the satisfaction of the users of our products and the numbers sold.


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  • Hanskamp innovations
  • Customisation
  • Contributes to sustainable livestock farming
  • Maximum cow comfort
  • Well thought-out, sturdy, durable
  • Proven quality
  • Universal systems
  • Precise dosing of feed concentrate and additives
  • Well acquainted with the practice
  • Innovative and practical
  • Unique

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