Hanskamp Spider


  • Simple and user-friendly to operate
  • Reads out all commonly used tags
  • Can be linked to your management program


Spider in the shed is like a spider in a web. Similar to how a spider strategically sits in its web, controlling and keeping an eye on everything, the Spider keeps everything running in your shed.

The Spider is Hanskamp's feeding computer for automatically dispensing concentrate to individual animals in the milking parlour or feeding station. It is great for any dairy farmer interested in automated and economical feeding, regardless of company size.

"Easy and intelligent"

View the Spider interface here. This is a demo page where you can experience the Spider user interface. The page has been optimised for Google Chrome.

The Spider is a user-friendly feeding computer. It was developed using the latest software techniques. The SpiderServer establishes its own WiFi network, providing access to the built-in web server. This makes the Spider easy to control from your PC, smart phone, or tablet, allowing you to easily monitor and adjust the feeding process from the milking parlour or the feeding station.

The Spider's user interface is logical. It was developed by our own engineers using good old-fashioned common sense. The user-friendly software allows you to quickly and easily adjust concentrate portions for individual animals or groups, monitor problem animals, or calibrate feed dispensers. The input and exchange of data can be done manually or automatically using a Taurus link with your management program. The Spider can handle an unlimited number of animals without requiring expansion with additional expensive modules.

Management system
The Spider consists of a SpiderServer with SpiderAntennas. The Spider can read 16 antennas, control 16 feed dispensers, and operate 12 air vents within a 10 m range. For greater range and/or more outputs, the SpiderServer can be expanded with one or more SpiderClients (same number of outputs as the SpiderServer). 

In practice, this means that a single SpiderServer can control a 2x8 (with a single feed type). It could also control four clustered feeding stations with up to four feed types per box. When an animal is identified and still has feed credit, the Spider sends a signal to the dispenser motor to initiate feed dispensing. The LED lighting on the unit makes it easy to follow the feeding process visually. 

Current transponders and SpiderTag
One of the Spider's perks is that, in most cases, it will work with transponders you already have. The SpiderAntenna can read out almost all conventional ear, neck, and leg transponders with a frequency between 115 and 140 kHz. This avoids the need for buying and fitting new transponders, saving a lot of time and money.

If your current transponders are in need of replacement, we offer the SpiderTag. The SpiderTag neck transponder has extra weight to keep it at the correct position on the neck which further improves readout. The SpiderTag is also available with collars and collar numbers.

Location recognition in the milking parlour
Spider is a feeding computer that dispenses concentrate automatically, accurately, and evenly during the milking period. Even distribution of concentrate keeps the cows calm throughout the entire milking period and optimally stimulates milk yield. It is important that individual animals are properly identified in the milking parlour. The Spider continuously scans all antennas, one at a time. It has zero chance of missing a cow! The Spider's multi reader reads each transponder and issues each animal exactly the right amount of concentrate.

Application for the Spider - the Capra-Box
Are you interested in feeding economically and getting the most out of your goats? Now you can, by automatically feeding each goat individually in the Capra-Box; the goat concentrate feeding station. The Capra-Box is manufactured by Bert Dedden BV and is controlled by the Hanskamp Spider. The Capra-Box is equipped with Hanskamp's ingenious Black-V concentrate dispenser. The dispenser issues 15 grams of concentrate per portion. In combination with the Spider feeding computer, the Capra-Box allows you to feed with greater accuracy, keeping your goats in good condition. The Spider can be connected to the Egam management program.

Focus on feeding
Because Hanskamp's Spider is focused on feeding animals, its interface is easy to understand without getting lost in a web of complicated options. The Spider allows easy management of your animals' individual needs and helps you maintain control of your feeding regime.

Use the Configurator to view the various Spider configurations.

  • Hanskamp innovations
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  • Precise dosing of feed concentrate and additives
  • Contributes to sustainable livestock farming
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