Unique dosing motors

Unique dosing motors

  • There is no wiper contact which means it is not prone to malfunctioning
  • Precise dosing due to the motor stopping exactly at the right moment
  • Easy to change with another type of motor due to its small size

Unique dosing motors

Various electro motors for very accurate dosing

We offer (Hanskamp) motors for every brand for (almost) every use. Look in the schedule below to find the right motor for your aim. Would you like more information about the Hanskamp feed motors or would you like to order this motor? Please feel free to contact us.

Overview of the Hanskamp motor assortment

Intelligent Motor (IM): 28 RPM – 12-24V DC/AC
Intelligent Motor MilkTime (IM-MT): 28 RPM – 12-24V DC/ AC
Reverse Intelligent Motor (RIM): 28 RPM – 12-24V DC/ AC
Solid State 5: 28 RPM – 24V DC

Intelligent Motor (IM)

Are you searching for an electric motor a high degree of reliability, the long life and precise dosing? We developed the Intelligent Motor (IM). The Intelligent Motor has a sensor instead of sliding contacts. In their search for a reliable alternative the Hanskamp team developed the Intelligent Motor with a sensor that has no mechanical contact.

Reliability at the top
A major advantage of the Intelligent Motor is that the input is galvanically separated and the control board is moulded. This ensures that the engine is very well protected against ammonia and a long life span is guaranteed. The competitive price makes the Intelligent Motor extra attractive.

This guarantees a long-lasting, reliable operation and precise dosage. Even under extreme temperatures the sensor operates completely satisfactorily. The reliability of the Intelligent Motor is further improved as the input of the motor is galvanically separated. Power supply and controller exert no influence on each other. Furthermore, the printed circuit board is moulded in and provided with a plastic housing; the perfect protection against ammonia. The Intelligent Motor is suitable for 12-24 AC/DC and therefore requires no relay box and can be coupled with any brand or type of dosator. Thus the Intelligent Motor is the ideal replacement for the standard electric motor with sliding contact.

Short circuits are a thing of the past
The Intelligent Motor is optimally protected against short circuits. If more than a 3 Amps change occurs the engine resets itself and automatically restarts after 6 seconds. The engine will never burn out or blow a fuse.

How does the Intelligent Motor work?
The Intelligent Motor does not stop the feed dosing screw with a mechanical contact, but electronically. A magnet is attached onto the shaft of the motor. This magnet passes by a sensor, which quickly signals to the feeding station when the engine should stop. The printed circuit board rotates the motor once based on one fill. This way the motor always stops at the same point, even when the motor control is based on time. 

Intelligent Motor MilkingTime (IM-MT)

It is now possible to dispense feed concentrate throughout the entire milking time in milking parlour. Hanskamp has developed the Intelligent Motor Milking Time (IM-MT) for the milking parlour. IM-MT is the same Intelligent Motor with a different programm.

The importance of the IM-MT
One of the major advantages of feeding during the milking time is greater peace in the milking parlour. This can only be achieved, however, if the amount of pellets is dispensed gradually throughout the entire milking time. The small portions of pellets ensure that the cow is kept busy throughout the entire milking period and prevents the cow from becoming restless. In addition, dispensing feed concentrate in the milking parlour encourages the cow to come into the milking parlour more quickly and promotes milk release. IM-MT allows feed concentrate to be dispensed throughout the entire milking time.

How does the IM-MT work?
This motor works as follows: The incoming signals for your controls are stored by the motor and distributed throughout the pre-programmed milking time. The motor recognises whether it is a portion pulse or a time pulse and converts this into separate rotations that are distributed throughout the milking period you have indicated. From the start to the finish of the milking time, the cow receives the amount of pellets she requires in dosed portions, whereby her attention remains focused on her own manger. The IM-MT can be installed in combination with our PipeFeeder.


Reverse Intelligent Motor (RIM)

Driving the PipeFeeder on time-controlled systems is now even easier thanks to our latest addition; the RIM (Reverse Intelligent Motor)!

The motor that thinks with you
The super smart motor can be linked directly to AC drive systems, without the need for an expensive relay box. The RIM is able to count time pulses and convert these into rotations. In a single rotation the RIM doses a small portion of exactly 35 grams. After 1 rotation the PipeFeeder is mechanically sealed, which guarantees you 100% anti-spill and highly accurate dosing.

A unique feature of the RIM is that it can resolve a breakdown on its own. The motor can reverse a little bit up to three times in order to remove a blockage. If the breakdown is not resolved after three times the RIM ensures that a warning is given in the feed computer. If nothing is resolved after an hour the RIM resets itself and tries to dose the feed concentrate once more. In this way, everything is done to get the right portion of feed concentrate to the right cow.

As in the case with all our motors, the RIM does not have a wiper contact. The RIM has two variantions (RIMpuls and RIMtime).

Solid State 5

Hanskamp has developed an alternative to the traditional electric motor with sliding contact: the Solid State 5 motor. Thanks to the electronic control of the feed screw the Solid State 5 guarantees accurate dispensing of feed concentrates as well as reliable functioning.

Exact dosing concentrates
The Hanskamp Solid State 5 motors have already replaced many thousands of standard motors in feeding stations. The Solid State 5 is completely compatible, easy to connect (five wires) and is short-circuit-resistant. The sophisticated design and simple structure make it possible for the dealer to install Solid State 5 in any feeding station. controls.

How does Solid State 5 work?
The Solid State 5 does not stop the feed screw or volume dispenser via a mechanical sliding contact but electronically. To do so, there is a magnet attached to the crown wheel of the motor. The magnet passes a sensor that gives high-speed feedback to the feed station that the motor must stop immediately. Stopping the motor at the right time prevents the cows from bumping against the feeding station which would otherwise lead to agitation in the stalls.

Please look here for the SolidState5 making off. Click here.


More information about our feed motors?
Would you like more information about the Hanskamp feed motors or would you like to order this motor? Please feel free to contact us.

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